Want a house in Halkidiki? Buy one now!

There are a million reasons you could want to buy a house on that peninsula full of magic and if I try to mention them all – the sunny, endless beaches, the perfectly azure, clear and still, welcoming sea, the sunbeams that make your skin darker and settle so comfortably in your soul, the people who carry the wisdom of the ancient Greeks and adapt it to the reality of busy everydayness and distant relationships so uniquely, people, who will not only tell you that the little things are what indeed matters, but will show it with their actions and with their lives, full of sunny summers, full moons and sirtaki, then I will lose my whole life.

But if you tell me that you want to buy a house there, a summer villa or a small studio, then I would understand, I won’t need some further explanation, because one thing I know for sure: everybody craves for happiness and this place is happiness-machine, time travelling in a new form – in some weird state where time has no meaning and no dimension. It’s heaven, this place, pure heaven. So when you have already made this decision, the best in your life, then you better not lose any more time, because now, right now, is the best moment to buy there.

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The Greek economic crisis is something we have all heard of.

What it causes are prices of any kind of properties much lower than years ago and maybe much lower than they will soon be. Greece has no money, this is wide known, and for this reason anyone who comes ready to invest is so nicely welcomed. Grab your phone or your laptop and contact a real estate agency, specialized in this region, now. And next summer will be the best in your life.