What is a waterproofing on a flat roof

Panel blocks, built very long ago, are most often those buildings that need a recent waterproofing to save the situation in individual apartments, state premises. Do not allow moisture to enter your home and exert its destructive influence. This need for waterproofing is dictated not only by the damping of materials but also by their poor quality.


In most cases, the manager of such a panel block tries to raise money from the owners of individual apartments. The unpleasant moment occurs when many of them do not want to invest and succeed in sabotaging the process itself. The people living on the last floor are the worst hit. Stressed by the circumstances, they are forced to pay for the repair work with personal means and put an end to the unpleasant mold that overlaps each of the walls of the premises. Remember that the mold could be extremely dangerous for human health. Click To Tweet Particularly adverse effects on the respiratory tract. Try to remove it on time.

What kind of waterproofing materials are used today?

More than 20 years ago, the use of oxidized bitumen tarpaulins was used in the repair works. Today, they are completely replaced by bituminous membranes.

They prove to be super suitable for the repairs of flat roofs. Their strength and density are much greater and they can withstand any temperature anomalies.

What methods are used to apply waterproofing to flat roofs?

Gasketing is most commonly used. To do this, gas burners are used. It is mainly used in panel blocks because their Image of roof of a housebase is concrete. And concrete, as a material, withstand very high temperatures and is difficult to ignite. This is not the only method that a specialized company uses. Often, construction bureaus use self-adhesive tapes and liquid materials. These materials are recommended for terraces and wet rooms. They have not much of a high UV resistance. The self-adhesive tapes we mentioned a little above are suitable for filling cracks, joints and much more.


In order to achieve quality waterproofing on a flat roof, the materials involved in making it must be placed in a precisely defined way. Only quality is not enough to ensure long service life. We do not recommend that you engage in this activity yourself. It takes little experience, knowledge and skills that man accumulates only over the years. That is why our advice is to hire professional roofing contractor, which will provide you with high quality at extremely affordable prices. And in this article you can understand how to find a good roofing contractor.