How to make a living room stand out?

This is the place you spend almost all your time, while you are at home. It is the cosy room. The one, which is your ultimate favourite. But to be honest, how does a living room look like. The sofa in the middle with some cushions on it and a blanket, the armchairs and the coffee table covered with magazines and a book. This is not how your living room looks like, this is what everybody’s does. But in this same time, don’t we all strive for greatness?

One things I know for sure, that or entire life, we are trying to stand out. No one likes to be part of the crowd and everyone likes the diversity. Different clothes and hair colours, different jewellery and accessories. The ink on the skin and the ideas on mind, all have the one and only goal to make us stand from the crowd. So let’s go back to your home and to the question, how to make your living room different from all the others. How to make it unique and precious? How?


This is no doubt on the top of the list. The art inspires. It is different and impressive. It makes you think, it makes you wonder. It is moving and exciting. It calms you down and makes you feel so much in the same time. It cannot be understood. It is a sensation. There is no right or wrong art. There is only art that makes your soul dance, and such that makes it fight. So when you want to make your living room a room with a heart, you should know that this heart could be a piece of art. However, when you are looking for a painting for instance, you shall not hurry up. It is not a new chair you are buying, it is something more important, so search until you find the one. Then choose very carefully the place. It should not be disturbing. It should stay so natural on the wall of that room. The piece of art will make the room complete and the idyll real.


What you need to do thereafter, is to make it more personal. Whenever someone comes into this room, he shall know, he shall notice that this is your room. What your living room seeks is your touch. The easiest way to personalize any room is by adding photos in it. And it is effective, that’s for sure. But first you should not overdo and the living room should not become an exhibition of your last trip. Choose the photos with fancy look

that are a true reflection of you, of your emotions and sensations. Then buy nice and classy frames and arrange the photos carefully in them. Spread them through the room and it will bring another spirit to this place. You can use some objects that have sentimental value for you and to decorate your fireplace with them or to nicely arrange them on shelves, as well.