A Home Design Minimalism or Not?

We live in an era when we love the possessment of as many things as possible, but we tend to like our homes simple.

We live in an era where everything at home has to be hidden. No book has to be seen, no glass and cup, no make-up product and no DVD. We live in an era when we go home and we find a sofa and a table in the middle of the living room. Nothing else.

But in this same era we are told that this is good and that simplicity is healthy for us. But what is healthy for our souls? What is brings warmth to our hearts and makes us want to go home? It is subjective and it is personal and too often it is not minimalistic. Too often the empty place with three pieces of furniture seems more like a hospital or a boring office than like a lovely home we will feel comfortable in. Too often the constant striving for order creates chaos in our perception of the world. Too often we need a little messy place that will be our place, where the tickets of a concert five years ago and a theatre last winter are together with photos from endless adventures. And they are spread on a shelf that brings joy to your heart without being functionally and fundamentally organized? Maybe this entire minimalism thing is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with you.

Go home and make the best of it.

Go home and make it yours. Make it a reflection of yourself that will talk when you are silent. Go home and create something. Use your imagination. Mess the order with the chaos and do it with passion. There is no way you can be wrong.