It’s too cold outside for you not to look stunning or the best winter trends that will keep you warm as well

Winter is coming. Christmas is just around the corner, the leaves are crunchy, the days chilly, the landscapes beautiful and the everydayness busy. And in this autumnal-winter reality, the outfit choice is so much harder. It was so nice once, when the sun was shining and the atmosphere was careless – a chic dress and comfy sandals made you look like a goddess, but what now? You feel the coldness on your cheeks, your hands are freezing, your lips as well and you dream of the warmness of the cosy home and a cup of hot chocolate only. The outfit seems to be so insufficient. However, your desire to look great is unfreezing and you simply need to find a way. Luckily, here are the top winter trends that won’t make you die in the cold winter nights, but will keep you warm and make you look splendid.

Skinny jeans and maxi jumper

This combination is a total must-do. The jeans should be the comfiest one and should contrast to that huge jumper that looks like a blanket all over you and keeps you warm and cosy as if you are covered with warmness. This combination is a saviour indeed.



In these seasons layers are the new sexy. A jumper over a dress and a jacket over the jumper. Long socks over tights and boots over those socks. It looks nice and it feels so nice, when it is raining or snowing or the weather is as cold as in the Antarctic.


Scarves in any size and shape and colour. Huge ones and tiny ones as well. Never ever leave your home without one. They make your outfit complete and they keep you “safe and sound”.