What is a waterproofing on a flat roof

What is a waterproofing on a flat roof

Panel blocks, built very long ago, are most often those buildings that need a recent waterproofing to save the situation in individual apartments, state premises. Do not allow moisture to enter your home and exert its destructive influence. This need for waterproofing is dictated not only by the damping of materials but also by their poor quality.


In most cases, the manager of such a panel block tries to raise money from the owners of individual apartments. The unpleasant moment occurs when many of them do not want to invest and succeed in sabotaging the process itself. The people living on the last floor are the worst hit. Stressed by the circumstances, they are forced to pay for the repair work with personal means and put an end to the unpleasant mold that overlaps each of the walls of the premises. Remember that the mold could be extremely dangerous for human health. Click To Tweet Particularly adverse effects on the respiratory tract. Try to remove it on time.

What kind of waterproofing materials are used today?

More than 20 years ago, the use of oxidized bitumen tarpaulins was used in the repair works. Today, they are completely replaced by bituminous membranes.

They prove to be super suitable for the repairs of flat roofs. Their strength and density are much greater and they can withstand any temperature anomalies.

What methods are used to apply waterproofing to flat roofs?

Gasketing is most commonly used. To do this, gas burners are used. It is mainly used in panel blocks because their Image of roof of a housebase is concrete. And concrete, as a material, withstand very high temperatures and is difficult to ignite. This is not the only method that a specialized company uses. Often, construction bureaus use self-adhesive tapes and liquid materials. These materials are recommended for terraces and wet rooms. They have not much of a high UV resistance. The self-adhesive tapes we mentioned a little above are suitable for filling cracks, joints and much more.


In order to achieve quality waterproofing on a flat roof, the materials involved in making it must be placed in a precisely defined way. Only quality is not enough to ensure long service life. We do not recommend that you engage in this activity yourself. It takes little experience, knowledge and skills that man accumulates only over the years. That is why our advice is to hire professional roofing contractor, which will provide you with high quality at extremely affordable prices. And in this article you can understand how to find a good roofing contractor.



How to erase the traces of sins?

How to erase the traces of sins?

Very often the holidays are accompanied by long immobilization and delicious temptations have such irresistible form that even the most durable indulge in gastronomic orgies.

What got our organism:

– Mass excess salts. A salt water retention in the body. We need to get rid of them.

– Annoyed center of nutrition in the brain. The center of nutrition and endocrine glands responsible for nutrient absorption and the formation of fatty tissue are activated and operate at full power. Pancreas is busiest. It is a vicious circle – the more you eat, the more you want to keep.

– Overwhelmed liver and bile. The result is an increased level of intoxication of the organism.

– Extended stomach. Now its volume is slightly larger than before the holidays.

What do we have to do?

Not to be lasting consequences, in addition to moving more we should clean the body and regain energy. For this purpose must exclude from your diet for a week: meat, dairy, white flour and products thereof, sweets, fats, sodas, coffee, black tea. It is right unless we completely stop them, at least to reduce smoking and to reduce to 3-4 per day. Authorized foods are: natural products containing fiber; whole grain products, vegetables, seasonal fruits, legumes, nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds without salt.

What to add to the menu?


Experts recommend the organism to be imported 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day. Click To Tweet

Those who forget the needs of the body of water, you need to start your day with her and always have before the day a full glass. Water is the elixir of life, so try to drink in sufficient quantities.


Vitamin C leads out toxins from the body. The best would be to drink a glass of fresh lemon juice, but if you can, mix it with water without adding sugar because it will reduce the effect of vitamin.

Green tea.

It has renowned antioxidant properties. In addition to cleanse the system of toxins, green tea will speed up the work of the liver, which will further facilitate our work on detoxification.


This vegetable is often overlooked and not because it interferes with the enzymes in the liver. Cabbage also has strong anticancer properties.

Leafy vegetables.

Leeks, spinach, lettuce – these vegetables are ideal for cleansing the body. Putting toxins they unloaded liver. It is best to consume raw or if you salad just scalded them – so you keep nutrients.


Onions contains over 200 active substances having antibacterial and antiviral activity. Its secret lies in its ability to activate the liver.

After you clean your body is time to clean your home. This useful information we take from End of tenancy cleaning Dartford agency. You can find more info about it on this page.

How to: packing before the end of tenancy cleaning

How to: packing before the end of tenancy cleaning

Image of boxesYour family is getting bigger and it’s not only just the two of you anymore, so it was about time to change the small flat, you rented just after you graduated from the university, with a new bigger house with separate bedrooms for the two kids and one spacious for you, with two bathrooms, a nice kitchen, living room and an office. Yeah, you are excited that you will finally live in the home of your dreams and you know you deserve it, but there are a few things you have to complete before you move out. You made a research and found the best London’s cleaning company that offers absolute professionalism, but you still have to pack all your stuff. Well, that may sound a little scary and to a great extent tiring, but if you know how to do it, it won’t take you a lot of time, and soon you will be able to enjoy your serene happiness.

Plan The Move-out

Just before the move out you are always busy. You have millions of things to coordinate – you have to plan when the cleaning company to come for the end of tenancy cleaning when the transport company to take all of your stuff when the landlord to arrive for an inspection. So, make a proper organization. You need many boxes for sure, so start with providing them. Then, decide how many you will need for your belongings in the living room or in the bedroom and sort them out. Make sure that you will have enough packing materials and you won’t end up in the middle of the move out not knowing what to do.

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There are too many things you want to take with you in your new home, but unfortunately, you will realize this too late. So start week or two earlier with packing all those things you rarely use. Yeah, living for a week in a home full of boxes, is definitely not what you have dreamed about. But the moment the actual move out starts you will thank yourself. So a nice idea is to start with packing some of your clothes, of your cosmetics and makeup stuff, you can pack your kitchen tools and also all things like blankets and bedsheets. It’s completely sure that you do not simply use all of the things in your home simultaneously.

Find helpers

Well, the members of your family have no choice – they are participating for sure. Try to make this packing fun for the children so that they won’t get bored only after an hour. You better ask your relatives and friends to help as well and if you are not alone and they all come ready to work, you will be able to finish this task in only a day. Thus, the transport company will be able to move your stuff and the cleaning company to tidy this place according to all the requirements in a much less time.

The South London’s End of Tenancy Cleaning Masters

The South London’s End of Tenancy Cleaning Masters

Image of End of Tenancy Cleaning MastersThese days the end of tenancy cleaning is becoming more and more widespread, as more and more people are required to perform such so as to pass the inspection and get their security deposits back. Therefore, more and more people are offering such services and are promising you great final results and sure success. But can you be that naïve and trust them all?

And how can you recognize the cleaners that will bring the accommodation back in perfect condition and leave you totally satisfied? If you are not making a proper prior research, you are most probably hiring people far below the very best and you may even kind of believe that efficient end of tenancy cleaners do not exist. The truth is that somewhere in South London there is a team of professional cleaners that are well-known as the masters. And they have fought for this title. They simply deserve it.

A few things make them better than all the others. Starting with the cleaning products they are using, strong, efficient, environmental-friendly, and continuing with the specialized professional tools they are cleaning with, the list of advantages has no end. But what concerns the people, the clients, the customers, me and you, are not the means and the ways those people achieve perfection. We are all interested in the final results only. There is no matter how they clean if in only a couple of hours they transform your house and make it look like a brand new. You don’t care about it is because of their techniques or because of their skills, you do care about the inspection’s outcome. And if they guarantee you that you will pass, and they indeed do, then there is nothing you can worry about.

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How to make a living room stand out?

How to make a living room stand out?

This is the place you spend almost all your time, while you are at home. It is the cosy room. The one, which is your ultimate favourite. But to be honest, how does a living room look like. The sofa in the middle with some cushions on it and a blanket, the armchairs and the coffee table covered with magazines and a book. This is not how your living room looks like, this is what everybody’s does. But in this same time, don’t we all strive for greatness?

One things I know for sure, that or entire life, we are trying to stand out. No one likes to be part of the crowd and everyone likes the diversity. Different clothes and hair colours, different jewellery and accessories. The ink on the skin and the ideas on mind, all have the one and only goal to make us stand from the crowd. So let’s go back to your home and to the question, how to make your living room different from all the others. How to make it unique and precious? How?


This is no doubt on the top of the list. The art inspires. It is different and impressive. It makes you think, it makes you wonder. It is moving and exciting. It calms you down and makes you feel so much in the same time. It cannot be understood. It is a sensation. There is no right or wrong art. There is only art that makes your soul dance, and such that makes it fight. So when you want to make your living room a room with a heart, you should know that this heart could be a piece of art. However, when you are looking for a painting for instance, you shall not hurry up. It is not a new chair you are buying, it is something more important, so search until you find the one. Then choose very carefully the place. It should not be disturbing. It should stay so natural on the wall of that room. The piece of art will make the room complete and the idyll real.


What you need to do thereafter, is to make it more personal. Whenever someone comes into this room, he shall know, he shall notice that this is your room. What your living room seeks is your touch. The easiest way to personalize any room is by adding photos in it. And it is effective, that’s for sure. But first you should not overdo and the living room should not become an exhibition of your last trip. Choose the photos with fancy look

that are a true reflection of you, of your emotions and sensations. Then buy nice and classy frames and arrange the photos carefully in them. Spread them through the room and it will bring another spirit to this place. You can use some objects that have sentimental value for you and to decorate your fireplace with them or to nicely arrange them on shelves, as well.

A Home Design Minimalism or Not?

A Home Design Minimalism or Not?

We live in an era when we love the possessment of as many things as possible, but we tend to like our homes simple.

We live in an era where everything at home has to be hidden. No book has to be seen, no glass and cup, no make-up product and no DVD. We live in an era when we go home and we find a sofa and a table in the middle of the living room. Nothing else.

But in this same era we are told that this is good and that simplicity is healthy for us. But what is healthy for our souls? What is brings warmth to our hearts and makes us want to go home? It is subjective and it is personal and too often it is not minimalistic. Too often the empty place with three pieces of furniture seems more like a hospital or a boring office than like a lovely home we will feel comfortable in. Too often the constant striving for order creates chaos in our perception of the world. Too often we need a little messy place that will be our place, where the tickets of a concert five years ago and a theatre last winter are together with photos from endless adventures. And they are spread on a shelf that brings joy to your heart without being functionally and fundamentally organized? Maybe this entire minimalism thing is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with you.

Go home and make the best of it.

Go home and make it yours. Make it a reflection of yourself that will talk when you are silent. Go home and create something. Use your imagination. Mess the order with the chaos and do it with passion. There is no way you can be wrong.

How to Recognize the Very Best Professional Cleaners in London?

How to Recognize the Very Best Professional Cleaners in London?

Image of LondonThe prices of houses, flats, and properties as a whole in London are ridiculously high. Incredibly high. And that is why more and more people live in houses to rent. This is the only choice and the preferred alternative. Because when you want to enjoy the perspectives that city gives you, the internationality you can feel there, and the great variety of activities, you need to make a compromise. And you feel that this is the right thing to do. Living in a house to rent is something pretty random and absolutely normal nowadays. But somewhere between all the advantages this option gives you, there is one little thing that makes you panic the second you hear someone talking about it – the end of tenancy cleaning. This task, whose main goal is to return the accommodation back in perfect condition right before the move out, is the cause of so many anxieties that it is crazy. But in their fear and despair many people forget about the professional cleaners in London. Those people that are the magicians of the new age can make miracles and can transform even the worst maintained rented house, making it shine. Their services are worthy and you need to arrange an appointment with them so as to save yourself all the stress and efforts. But how to recognize the very best ones?

They offer Convenience

One thing is for sure. When you are relying on someone for the end of tenancy cleaning, you want to be sure that they will bring you convenience. In what aspect, you may wonder. Well, having to come back from work in 2 o’clock is completely irresponsible and a company that doesn’t offer you flexibility, but is bringing you inconvenience, is not worthy. So look for those little things that will save you additional efforts and time.

They Work in your Region

No matter how professional a cleaning team is, if it is just not delivering any services in the part of London you live in, there is no way you can trust it. You need professional cleaners that offer great variety of services in your borough and district. So instead of looking for the best cleaners in London, concentrate on finding the best one in your region. A good idea is to consult with your neighbors and other people who have lived in this part of the city, as well. They all have an experience you can learn from. Here you can find information about professional end of tenancy cleaning in London.

They Guarantee You Perfection

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than relying on a cleaning team that leaves your home in worse condition than it was before their clean-up. That is why you better find the cleaners that guarantee you perfect final results. Most probably those are the teams that are interested in your personal satisfaction and will therefore make their best to make your house shine in less time for the minimal amount of money possible. Those people you need in your house.

How to Interpret Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

How to Interpret Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

When you rent a house or a flat, you sign a contract. According to this contract, you have to pay a certain amount of Image of sale pricesmoney every month and you can live in this home for the fixed amount of time. But you need to promise that you will keep this place in a perfect condition. And these days the promises have different dimensions. You give money, a lot of money as a guarantee. You give a security deposit and at the end of your stay in this house, you want to get it back. But this would happen only if you return the accommodation back in perfect condition and pass the inspection at the end of tenancy. And as this requires a hard cleaning and many efforts, you most probably will trust the experts. But how to read their prices, how to find out whether their offer is worth it? The answers to these questions you will find now.

What is included?

Whether the end of tenancy cleaning promises to fully prepare your house for the inspection or to clean the basics only, you need to know in advance. Is the carpet cleaning included? And what about the oven one? Would you be forced to pay more in addition to the end of tenancy cleaning prices? Make sure that you will find the answers to this questions and then think wisely. If after all, a cleaning that doesn’t provide one of the extras seems ok, choose it. But be rational.

Could you get a quote?

Many of the very best cleaners in London prepare a free personalized quote for every single one of their customers. You tell them what the condition of your house is and they tell you how much it will cost you. The easiest and loveliest pricing of all.

I found the best prices for end of tenancy cleaning.